This web-site is dedicated to El Collie’s life-work

I came across El Collie’s web-site accidentally when looking for the symptoms of spontaneously awakened kundalini and found an article written by her. It was part of the newsletters in the Shared Transformation network where she used to offer Kundalini information and provide a forum „where individuals involved in the tremendous journey of awakening could exchange insights, explore the many dimensions of transformation, and share their personal Kundalini experiences“.

I continued reading her website – elcollie.com – and I understood that her partner – Charles Cress (who is her husband and close collaborator in Shared Transformation) reproduced her book there called „Branded by the Spirit“. El Collie had not finished this book before she died in 2002. As a professional psychotherapist and a spiritual seeker for many years it didn’t take me long to recognize the great value of this book. El Collie had produced a great work not only describing her own experience in the process of spontaneously awakened kundalini but also summarizing the huge number of books she had read in order to understand the process she had been going through. She also included information shared by the people in the ST network, who reported their experiences of the same process.

I really liked the way she writes! Very insightful and touching, wise and sincere, with intelligence and depth. It has helped me to understand many things in my experience – both personal and professional, which until then had looked strange to me. To my surprise in the middle of my reading of El Collie’s book, her website suddenly disappeared! After a few weeks I started to think that probably it happened because, 12 years after her death, there was nobody to maintain her site.

Although I managed to find a copy of her book on the net, I felt sorry that her life work was going to die. So I decided to dedicate to El Collie’s memory this web-site, where you can read about:

I do hope that by doing this I am honouring El Collie’s memory and passing on her contribution to the people who can recognize and benefit from her book and life work.